Dear All,
Welcome to Under the Sun’s fifth online issue. Outside, the Tennessee summer 2017 has replaced sweltering heat with heavy rain falls and most welcome cooler weather. I am thinking of finally finishing the window boxes with asparagus fern and red Impatiens. Downstairs, the lone pineapple sageplant is waiting to grace that still empty spot in my garden. It’s not too late, they tell me.
But now on to more important things.
As always, our year was filled with the reading of many intriguing, intelligent, and compelling submissions to Under the Sun. As always, we were grateful for the many talented writers who submitted their work to us. We truly could not exist without you.
No wonder that making a choice was very difficult. To support writers of all abilities, we sometimes accompanied our “I’m sorry, but I have bad news” letter with praise for the sections we liked and suggestions for a possible revision. We enjoyed the kind emails or handwritten notes that thanked us for taking this extra time with an essay.
These days we are facing tough questions here at Under the Sun. Should we continue our online adventure? Will we be able to pay our bills for another year? Might/ought to (pure Tennessean!) yours truly finally give in to the other interests in her life, such as pottery and writing? After some intensive soul searching and a lot of supportive encouragement from my staff, I have decided to lead Under the Sun at least for another year. Therefore, please bring on the new manuscripts and encourage your friends and/or students to submit their essays. Of course, in these dire straits we would also love suggestions and ideas for our journal.

My newest staff member–Lakota–pointing at an especially memorable passage.
Photo by Heide Weidner

Our reading time is still the same: We are open to your manuscripts from August 15 to January 2.
With joy, and thanks to my hard-working staff, I am offering you this year’s collection of unusual and amazing essays accompanied by many stunning photos. Let the authors and photographers know that you appreciate them.
Happy Reading!

Heidemarie Z. Weidner, Editor