Beginning with its first publication, Under the Sun has received recognition by Best American Essays.

Congratulations to the following writers:

1996 Lukie Chapman Reilly, “My Father” (published)
1997 Hollis Seamon, “The Last Case of Polio in New Jersey” (notable)
1997 Maureen Stanton, “Dreaming of No Grass” (notable)
1998 Susan Kushner Resnick, “Tag Team” (notable)
1998 Barbara F. Lefcowitz, “Wandering and Serendipity” (notable)
1999 Nancy Anderson, “Hoop Scenes” (notable)
2000 Gary Fincke, “God of Our Fathers” (notable)
2000 Heather King, “Lush Life” (notable)
2001 Richard O’Mara, “Iceman” (notable)
2002 Bram Gunther, “Urban Rustic” (notable)
2003 J.E. Keats, “The Punished” (notable)
2004 Walter Cummins, “Fade Far Away” (notable)
2005 Linda Hall, “In Praise of Skunks” (notable)
2005 Naton Leslie,”Roadside Attractions” (notable)
2006 Renée E. D’Aoust , “Blue Mao Hat” (notable)
2007 Joan Connor, “Colonel Andreas Van Kuijk” (notable)
2007 Priscilla Long, “Dressing” (notable)
2008 Marilyn Abildskov, “Looking at the Moon” (notable)
2008 Sue Eisenfeld, “The Empty House” (notable)
2008 Michael L. Johnson, “Math” (notable)
2009 Leslie Hsu Oh, “Between The Lines” (notable)
2009 Ana Maria Spagna, “The Seam” (notable)
2010 Mel Livatino, “A Spy in the House of Experience” (notable)
2010 Priscilla Long, “Balancing Act” (notable)
2011 Rachel Peckham, “Apple, Daydream, Memory” (notable)
2011 Mel Livatino, “The Perfect Raincoat” (notable)
2012 Catherine Reid, “Catch and Release” (notable)
2012 Deborah Cummins, “Names: Remaking the Calendar” (notable)
2012 Priscilla Long, “Studio” (notable)
2012 Ana Maria Spagna, “Where You’d Rather Be” (notable)
2013 Naton Leslie, “My Criminal Past” (notable)
2013 Ann Markle, “You Never Expect The Call” (notable)
2014 John E. Keats, “Dream of the Butcher’s Daughter” (notable)
2014 Jacqueline Kolosov, “Wherefore” (notable)
2014 Mel Livatino, “The Lost Friend” (notable)
2014 John S. O’Connor, “The Ice House” (notable)
2014 Lee Patton, “Howling Grounds and Scorched Earth” (notable)
2015 Jeffrey Hammond, “Eight-Per-Five” (notable)
2015 Emily Hipchen, “Hush” (notable)