Painting by Caspar David Friedrich: Woman at a Window


Dream of the Butcher’s Daughter

by John E. Keats
The butcher’s daughter didn’t seem dangerous to strangers. The most stable image I’ve retained of her suggests nothing but decency and order . . .






UtS 14 essay photo Mandell



Will You Be Mine?

by Arlene Mandell
“How do I love thee?” No response except, “Professor Mandell, that sounds like a Hallmark card . . .





Photo by Terry Barr

Photo by Terry Barr


On the Outside of the Inside

by Terry Barr
I can’t believe I’m in a mall. A mall in Prague. What would Kafka think . . .





Photo by Kristina Moriconi

Photo by Kristina Moriconi

A Study of Symmetry, in Two Parts

by Kristina Moriconi
What made butterflies most beautiful to me was the gracefulness with which they flew. I did not want to stop the flutter of their wings . . .



UtS 14 Essays photo Vannatta

My Dead

by Dennis Vannatta
No more diversions or evasions, no more of the literary niceties we’ve been so fond of . . .




Photo by John S. O'Connor

Photo by John S. O’Connor




The Ice House

by John S. O’Connor
It turned out to be a good trade since I took my game down the street to play against the Ice House wall.. . .








UtS 14 essay photo Cawood



by Shuly Cawood
. . . one of the first brave things you will do in this young marriage . . .




Person Wearing Jaguar Mask at the Wall  Photo by Tom Leskiw

Person Wearing Jaguar Mask at the Wall
Photo by Tom Leskiw



Marking Territory:
A Biological Imperative in Four Acts

by Tom Leskiw
I spy a discarded spray can—the tagger’s brush and palette, so to speak . . .





UtS 14 essay photo Darion




by Ellen Darion
My father’s doctor calls me at work . . .







Photo by Rebecca Dimyan

Photo by Rebecca Dimyan


State of Belonging

by Rebecca Dimyan
I did not know I was lost until I came upon an old man on a dirt road . . .





Jerry Segal as a Young Man Photo by Jerry Segal

Jerry Segal as a Young Man
Photo by Jerry Segal




The Lost Friend

by Mel Livatino
My first sight of Jerry is indelibly etched in my mind. It was the fall of 1968 . . .








Photo by Sheila Loftus

Pepe and I

by Mark Brazaitis
José “Pepe” Gomez—stage name: José Ramón—saw what the Buena Vista Social Club achieved. Why, he wondered, couldn’t he do the same . . .




Photo by Mark Liebenow

Photo by Mark Liebenow


Deeper Lake Of Blue

by Mark Liebenow
Hundreds of thoughts surface throughout the day that I want to share . . .






Photo by Mark Rozema

Photo by Mark Rozema

Crossing the Distance

by Mark Rozema
I don’t know if movement is an illusion or not, but sometimes I feel like Achilles trying to catch the tortoise . . .





Photo by Christina Schmidt

Photo by Christina Schmidt




Our Shadows on the Sidewalks

by Gina Troisi
It’s been three months since we’ve stopped bouncing around from apartment to apartment, crashing on floors and couches . . .






Howling Grounds and Scorched Earth: Following Sherman's March through Georgia and South Carolina

Howling Grounds and Scorched Earth: Following Sherman’s March through Georgia and South Carolina


Howling Grounds and Scorched Earth

by Lee Patton
The old guy in the booth told us the mountain was closed . . .





Photo by Philip Raisor

Photo by Philip Raisor


Collecting Dust

by Philip Raisor
Poetry was part of our family, the way laundry was. If it was present, it was personal . . .





Photo by Jacqueline Kolosov

Photo by Jacqueline Kolosov




by Jacqueline Kolosov
By the time I neared the end of the pilgrimage—some four weeks of continuous walking—I no longer made a distinction between past, present, and future . . .







UtS 14 Photos Essays Doyle Houses.Close Together (upsized to 390 percent)


The Woman Next Door

by Laurie Ann Doyle
Her name was Ruth. She had eyes so blue they looked almost white . . .





Photo by Christina Schmidt

Photo by Christina Schmidt

From Bagels, via George Herbert’s Temple, to OMG! the Temple

by Judy Kronenfeld
Maybe she will buy some rugelach, or poppyseed strudel, or some mandelbrot , or a chocolate marble babka, along with the bagels . . .


Photo by Dolores Redfearn

Photo by Dolores Redfearn


The Camino

by Dee Redfearn
It is early May when Rosanne, a longtime friend, asks me to make the camino . . .




Photo by Jacqueline Sigman

Photo by Jacqueline Sigman


When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

by Sharon Goldberg
I share Woody Allen’s view of death: I’m strongly against it . . .