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Welcome to Under the Sun’s second online issue. Since our online venture is fairly new, we chose to run again Mike O’Rourke’s brief look at the history of our journal, most of it in print. But, as Mike says, the times they are a-changing …



UtS 14 Beginnings w213 x h67Beginnings

Mike O’Rourke welcomes the online version of Under the Sun: Under the Sun began as a class project. The first time I taught a course I had recently created, Art of the Essay, the students, all six of them, produced such inspired writing (well, five of them did) that we began kicking around the idea of publishing it …


Book Reviews

Our review section features John Nizalowski’s Land of Cinnamon Sun: Essays on Family, Mythology, and the American West




UtS 14 Previous Authors w167xh213Previous Authors

What are the authors doing who published their work previously in Under the Sun? Find out about their newest publications, prizes, blogs, and websites.




UtS 14 Ruminations w167xh213Ruminations

It was a springtime. I was driving somewhere with my son, who was 9—or perhaps he was 10—and who had recently become a reader . . .